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I recently did a mock technical interview, and I like to think it went terrible. My interviewer was very professional while I was explaining things like I was five. Needless to say, “flexbox does the things” is not the answer any one was looking for. It wasn’t even the answer I was trying to give, “it is a way to align css elements” is only marginally better. He rightfully thought I should look into flexbox. Time for me to show what I’ve learned.

For the first step of my journey I went to W3schools. I find it so reliable. I can test out the concepts right there, this just happened to have a lot of concepts. I know I’m not supposed to remember everything, but I need to know enough to make sure I don’t say, “It does the things!”. With all the justify content and flex-direction properties, I see confusion in my very near future.

I remembered someone mentioned something about a game that teaches you CSS. When I think of how many things I’ve learned though playing a game, I wonder what I’d be like if I was learning something a bit more useable playing them. I started playing a game called Flexbox Zombies. The way it is setup I’m learning how to display things, I believe by putting in the coordinates of the zombie?. If a zombie is at the very end of the screen on the right side, I will probably be using something like flex-end.

Knowing that there is a good resource to learn something important is Exciting. I have not progressed that far yet, but if I play it like I used to play games, I’ll be the encyclopedia on flexbox soon enough.



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Akil Griffiths

Software engineer kinda

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