I’ve probably been telling you how I have been working on this game for a bit now. It looks like it might finally be done. A friend played a huge part in helping me getting this far. I am still new to programming so my chances to have someone help with coding like this has not been many. Because of this help I am nearly there.

I feel I was a bit impatient about the creation of this app. I guess I should say I was too excited about making this game. It is supposed to be fun, a good laugh for many people to enjoy, and that is all the details I’m sharing at this time. Maybe my judgment is skewed by that one time I went to a Hackathon. I saw all these great games get made so quickly thought I’d be able to do the same… I’m wiser now.

Conceptually I knew what I needed to do, but there were times when I seemed to be brute forcing it. Instead of looking for different options, I tried to cater my solution to a problem. As my friend is a clean code enthusiast, they were there to get me off that dark path. One example of this was an introduction to serializers. I have seen my Serializer yell at me for changing some and not updating it. Other than that I can’t recall using a serializer for anything else. Sending a serializer of the game object really helped with accessing the info in the front-end.

The way I’m working with him right now is I try to build as much as I can by myself, I want to better myself. I don’t want it to be where I just rely on him for everything. I get to learn from someone, so I make sure I apply that knowledge before we meet up again. I had a bug that was breaking the game, it wasn’t completely broken, so I decided to work on the the parts of the app that were working correctly. I needed some logic to run what the game page rendered, so I worked on that.

Anyways, soon I will be telling you about the features of my game and where you can see it. If I were to put a hard date on it I’d say before the year is up.

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