Let The Games Begin!

Akil Griffiths
3 min readAug 10, 2020


I started this coding journey with an ultimate goal in mind. That goal is to become a programmer. Some people will say you are a programmer when you can print “hello world” on the screen. Those people would be correct but for me to consider myself a programmer, I need to be able to create the media that made me want to walk the path of a coder. I need to be able to create a game.

I know the world of games is vast. I wasn’t sure where I should start. Wondered if there would be a barrier for entry. But I had a firm grasp of which side I wanted to be on. I remember hearing about something called GameObjects decided I should start there. The first couple of lines in and I’m seeing props and components. Since I started doing Reactjs those seemed like familiar faces. Was I already on the journey I was intent on starting? I expected I would use my accumulated skills somehow, but I don’t think Ruby would have a way for me to make instant connections.

I did the next sensible thing look at how people were building games in react. This website showed a modest 65 examples. That was all I needed to see to know that I can definitely kill two birds with one stone. I can level up my understanding of states and components and make games at the same time. There was no set way for making a game, some people created games using Redux, some were using whatever tech this is. But everything I checked out so far is awesome. In fact I intend for my first two games to be modeled after the two I highlighted above. I am still fresh into my gaming journey that I already started? But I think I’ve figured out the essence of games.

Keep in mind you can’t quote me on this. Something I came across led me to believe games are basically giant CSS elements. I’m not sure if that is helpful or not considering I’ve seen me try to put CSS on a page, but maybe it will help a… just don’t quote me on that.

Some sources