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I’ve been using react for what I think to be a decent amount of time now. All of my latest projects were definitely in react, that got me wondering about what tools I’ve been using to make these apps. Am I using the same tools to get better practice with them or am I already starting to get set in my ways? I feel like one of those is bad, so let us look at some features and look at how I’ve been doing it to determine what I’ve been doing.


I remember when someone told me about localStorage, I was impressed by it immediately. When I’ve been making something that deals with people’s info like a login or register, I have been using the local storage method. If I think a user will be changing/displaying or changing their name I like to use this method. Most recently I’ve implemented it to store a users name and points. I saw it as the right way to go for now. It might be that I have to use something else when I account for all the moving parts, but right now it is working well.


Once someone told me about Flexbox I never really looked back. There are so many things I still don’t know about Flexbox, even after playing that game I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface. I mainly use it to structure a bunch of items I’ve gotten from a state, for example a bunch of users that I want to be styled the same.

As we can see with this picture I clearly need more practice with it. Although it is definitely way better than how a certain poem project looked before, I am allowed to appreciate and want better.


When it comes to CSS I like? I think I like trying to make my own stylings. I know for the longest(still pretty new) I’ve been trying to do it myself, not using frameworks. Once I was encouraged to use React-Bootstrap, now I haven’t used other features of bootstrap so I probably need to try those out. I have used the modals. Whenever I want something to pop up, like a login-form, I know it is time to install Bootstrap.

I feel my toolbox is missing a few items, but I believe the current tools are good ones. I don’t think I am at a point where I’m not trying to add more tools, which as a software developer, I believe that is never a point you are supposed to reach. I should always be looking forward to having a new way to solve a problem, that is one of the reasons why programming is exciting.




Software engineer kinda

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Akil Griffiths

Akil Griffiths

Software engineer kinda

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