Socket to ‘em

If you’re like me you spend a lot of time trying to go to sleep. Sometimes when you do fall asleep you’re thinking about the code you’ve been working on. Like the dreamscape is trying to solve your coding problems, it’s a trap. If it truly is a good idea you’ll remember it when you want to be awake. A great idea is one that will persist.

That being said, I’ve had this persistent idea about making a game about sharing stories. I started working on said game but as usual, things came up so I wasn’t able to put more effort into it yet. I remember reading about websockets before I had to switch gears onto something else. As previously stated I’m losing some sleep about not having put in websockets yet. But while I’m thinking about using them I’m also thinking about if I have to use them.

I was thinking that basically I wanted a poll for users to say how they thought the story made them feel. When i was thinking of that poll I was wondering how I’d get the poll to be for that one person’s story? In a live event it doesn’t look like my app can do that. As a developer I wouldn’t ask people to do what I haven’t bothered/couldn’t do. Websockets have to be the answer.

When I was going through this dev program, I was introduced to the sorcery of websockets by my fellow classmates. They were making chats, making multiplayer games things I didn’t think I could do well in a small amount of time or in that part of my developer journey. I also knew it wasn’t something I could just ignore. It was a thing that had to be done at some point.

I found a blog about making a chat. While I don’t really need a chat feature, the code examples made me think of how it all comes together. A room is a page that keeps track of who the users are and what they say. From that you can do any number of things that you think will enhance the user experience. Because the room is a page like anything else you can make it so the users see what you want, you can make it so a chosen user doesn’t get a vote option but a story option instead.

While thinking about what it takes to set up a chat app, I was able to connect the dots(I hope) to enhance my app. While I could start working on this discovery now, I’ll wait until I actually have more time to do it. After all a good idea is persistent.