I’ve realized that my brain has been rewired since learning to code a little. I open up an app on my phone and think “wow, they used modals within modals nice.” Now thinking about how these apps are made based on what I experience as a user makes me appreciate the app even more. So I found a tutorial on how to make a game like Pong.

It is always the little things that keep an app from functioning. I was supposed to be excited about seeing a giant black void on my page, instead I got a giant white one. It wasn’t reading the code correctly, is the conclusion I wanted to jump to, but it was able to read the console.log() inside the function. Something was clearly up, I was sure I followed closely along with the tutorial, I wasn’t understanding what could have possibly gone wrong.

I should have probably told you this tutorial was done in Javascript and Html. It seemed to have a problem with me using double quotes instead of single quotes, but I’m not able to replicate that now… More importantly once I got past that hiccup I saw setInterval used to repeat a function to move an object across the screen.

I am using setInterval right now to make a timer but I believe I can use it to change the rounds of a game in an orderly fashion. If we take a look at how I am using setInterval right now.

I am able to set up conditionals so it doesn’t go on forever. I even set it up so I could render something at a given time. This sounds like something I could use to change rounds every… still working out how long I want these rounds to be. It is nice to know that I am always looking to apply things differently or at least open to the idea.

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